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England, Midway and Navasota

Ens. John Charles England England was born in Harris, Mo., on December 11, 1920. He attended Pasadena City College, Pasadena, California and was on the pep-squad there. He enlisted in the Naval Reserve on September 6, 1940 and was commissioned ensign on June 6, 1942. On September 3, 1941 he reported for duty on the USS Oklahoma (BB-37) and was killed while saving others on board the USS Oklahoma during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

CG/DLG-22 was the second USS England. The first was DE-635, the ship that sunk six enemy submarines in 12 days in May of 1944. DE-635 was decommissioned in 1945.

The USS England DLG-22 was built by Todd Shipbuilding. The keel was laid on October 4, 1960 and launched on March 6, 1962. She was commissioned on December.7, 1963. Her designation was changed in 1976 to CG-22 at Bremerton Naval Shipyard during an overhaul. She was decommissioned on January 21, 1994. 

A future project will be to compile a complete history of the ship.

A complete list of all the Captains of the USS England is available.

Underway Colors


Shown here are the Sterett, Standley, Jouett, Horne, Halsey, England, Gridley, Lockwood, Fox, Leahey & Bagley in Benicia in 1996

The CGs are to the right of center in the background.

In 1995 the film Down Periscope was filmed at the Benicia Reserve Fleet. Many of the CGs can be seen in the background of outside shots of the submarine.

In 2005 USS England was sent to the breakers in Brownsville, TX.

Operation Sailor Hat!

In the mid 1960s the Navy was involved in tests to determine the kinds of damage to be expected from possible nuclear attacks on out ships. These tests took place of San Clemente Island of the coast of Southern, California and then  at Kaho’olawe Island, Hawaii. The cruiser USS Atlanta was involved in all of the tests and specially fitted out for the purpose.

Three tests were done at Kaho’olawe and USS England participated in the second. We have shipmates that we on ENGLAND and also ATLANTA who have offered their pictures and experiences to out web site along with pictures, video and data from other sources. These personal stories and pictures have never been seen publicly before. Please enjoy this new addition to our web site.