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Here is a growing list of links to other cruisers, ships and organizations, as well as the Navy itself. Please let the webmasters of these sites know how you found them.

If you would like you link added, either your own site or one you know of that would be interesting to USS England Web Site readers, please e-mail me the URL at dennis@obriens.net.


You are all aware of the wonderful USS England coins that were created by Chris Arnaud. These are excellent quality painted and engraved, epoxy coated, metal coins that are beautiful. At the reunion these were made available by Chris and were a big hit! You’ll not be disappointed! Please see this thread in the Deck Log: http://forum.ussengland.org/viewtopic.php?t=71

Order yours today!!!!


Ray Smid has USS England coasters, mouse pads and mugs! To get yours, all you need to is print out the order form, fill it in and sent it with the correct funds to Eagle Engraving. CLICK HERE For the order form!


Places other than this (and the Deck Log) to find shipmates:

Get Your Ball Caps!!!!!!

A nice hat with the ship on it. They had to make the design as no one had ordered a CG-22 ball cap until I did. Now they have it for you! They also have all sorts of shirts and a jacket on which they can put this.  Richard's Military Post Exchange, 264 East Main street, Port Jervis, New York 12771. (924)856-1911. You can follow the link to their web site. You are going to need one of these, and a shirt, . . . I am sure you can ask for DLG-22 and/or DE-635. 

Other Guided Missile Cruisers of the England Era:

Other Cruiser Sites:

Other Ships:

Windjammer Arts offers prints of George E. Bienda's ship pictures including USS England. They can be ordered framed or unframed with come with a matt.  These look good on the wall with your USS England collection. For more information and prices, go to http://www.windjammer-arts.com/.


Places to Buy Ball Caps and Stuff:

US Navy and Other Military Related Stuff: