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Dennis O'Brien

The Reserve Fleet, Bencia, Ca.

On May 25, 2000, I was invited by the Military Heritage Foundation to take a trip out to the ships in the Fleet Reserve, MARAD, Suisun Bay, California near Benicia. The Military Heritage Foundation is leading the effort to save the USS Sterett and make her into a museum in Eureka, California. I drove up from Orange County. Some of us met the that night to talk about the plans to save USS Sterett and the visit, some showed up the following morning at the reserve fleet pier.

The trip was a step back in time to a time when I was a tad younger and these grand ships, sailed the seas! We took a boat out to the CGs only to find that USS Sterett was not with the other CGs. While we waited for the boat to return we were able to see some of the other ships, including USS England.  The flag I brought from home flew over USS Sterett when we visited her.


I want to thank the Military Heritage Foundation for a very special trip for me. I hope the USS England can assist in effort to save USS Sterett and all who served on board USS England are encouraged to assist the USS Sterett  effort.


Below are links to "some" of the pictures I took during the visit.