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Arthur Tassaro Collection Page 1

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From Art Tassaro [edited] . . .

I reported aboard June of 65 at Long Beach Naval Ship Yard after having been transferred from USS Carbonero SS337 in Pearl Harbor, HI.  I was assigned to WG division which was responsible for the 3" 50 cal. Guns and related  fire control. Upon arrival I was told that I was the "leading FTG on board." I didn't know the first thing about the 2Mk 69 gunfire control systems.

The most vivid memories are of our time on SAR station in the Northern Tonkin Gulf. We had a helo detachment on board that pulled off some pretty daring rescues. On some they even went into N. Viet Nam to rescue downed fliers.

There were times when they were not successful and they could see the downed pilot being captured by the N. Vietnamese militia. On one rescue England and two other destroyers had to go in real close to shore where the two destroyers exchanged gunfire with N. Viet shore guns.

We returned to Long Beach in June 66. My enlistment was to end on June 28, 1966, but all active duty personnel had been extended for at least four months. I had to hang around a few more months before I was released.

Art Tassaro FTG-3 Entering Subic 1966. USS Repose in background. England moored abreast of Repose during this port visit.

Arthur Tassaro FTG-3, Subic Bay 1966

FTM-3 Mason, FTM-3 Martin, FTM-3 Larry North and SN Fred Willis entering Subic 1966

Looking aft from on top of the aft missile house as England departs Subic in 1966

Getting underway from Subic in 1966. USS Coontz is starboard.