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Kevin Gravier Collection

I was part of the England crew from 1985 to 1987. At the time I was a GMTSA-GMT3 ASROC Gunner's Mate.

England - Acapulco 1986
England spent 5 days anchored out in Acapulco for R&R Captain G.L. Dunn had some pull!

England 4castle
Underway sunset from the forecastle, westpac 1985.

England forecastle
B&W Port side forecastle shot taken for P.A.C.E. beginning
photography class during westpac 1985.

England Albany WA 1985
Photo taken from crow's nest of the Cheynes II in Albany,
Western Australia. Cheynes II was a steam whaling boat
converted to a restaurant for America's Cup Race.

England Asroc Subic Sunrise
1985 Returning at sunrise from a long night of partying in
Olongapo. The ASROC launcher waits for a full day of

England SlantDeck 85
Relaxing underway, sitting under the ship's bell on the forward
missile house enjoying the sunset.