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USS England June 1986

Pictures will be arranged by collection. Miscellaneous pictures are those simply gathered from web sites and  on line repositories. Other collections are those that are donated by crew members and others. Many of these pages have many pictures and can take come time to load . . . but the memories they will bring to you might just be worth the wait! There are now ten pages of pictures!

Please help expand this area with your pictures!! See The FAQ!

Miscellaneous Pictures: Pictures taken form various locations on the Internet (Revised 03/04/07).
Dennis O'Brien Collection I: Pictures the web master took mostly in the summer and winter of 1982 of some areas of the ship and some members of the crew.  EIGHT pages of pictures! A second collection will follow.
Steve Lapkin Collection: Steven Lapikin is the web master for the USS Fox web site. He has visited the CGs many times and taken pictures. He has graciously provided these pictures of the USS England CG-22 as she and other CGs sit in the MARAD Reserve Fleet at Suisun Bay (Benecia, CA) east of San Francisco. The row of ships includes Sterett, Standley, Jouett, Horne, Halsey, England, Gridley, Lockwood, Fox, Leahy and Pt. Loma. A sad place for all of these great ships to be.
Jason Griswold Collection: Jason Griswold sent these pictures of the mighty England from time on board. These include a couple of great full views of the ship!!!
Ward Collection Richard Ward, son of Calvin Ward who sailed on DE-635, supplied these pictures that appear to the webmaster to be from 1980 or 81. The Phalanx gun mounts have been installed but the Helo-nets are still on the fantail. These guns were installed and the nets removed in the yards in Long Beach in that time frame. These pictures were taken by Calvin Ward during a tour of the ship and I remember a number of the crew of DE-635 visiting during that time period.
Jason Griswold Collection II Two more pictures from Jason Griswold! One 1988 Picture of England and one he took him self of a 1987 missile fired form the aft launcher. Great shot.
Gary Olson's Ship Store Picture of England Gary Olson sent in this beautiful picture of the USS England when she still had her 3 inch 50s but after the upgrade to CG.
Jerry L. Brinegar's Picture of both Englands "Then and Now" A picture of both Englands DLG/CG-22 and DE-635.
Ron Fondriest Collection Various pictures of the crew, ship and sights!
Arthur Tassaro Collection Pictures of the ship, events  and crew from 1966.
Richard Dorn Collection Pictures of a missile firing!
England Departing Pearl Harbor From Art Tassaro, a US Navy photo of England departing Pearl. An excellent picture!
USS England in Dry Dock From Robert Rohbock, pictures of the ship while she was in dry dock.  
Joe Coulter Collection Great Pictures of the ship and crew from the 74/75 cruise. 
Port Bridge Exterior Elden Miller of the USS Sterett sent this picture of the port side, forward.
England on 1/26/2000 in Suisun Bay Pictures of the England in the Fleet Reserve, Suisun Bay, Ca., taken in January 2000 provided by the fleet reserve. These include interior pictures of various parts of the ship. 
Robert Rohbock's Collection A few more pictures added.
Phil Toy's Pictures and Model. A great Model and beautiful pictures of CG-22.
MARAD Visit May 25, 2000 Pictures A collection of pictures of USS England, USS Sterett and other ships in the MARAD reserve fleet.
USS England Adopted by Palos Verdes Navy League From Michael Padleford, a picture of Captain Caspari accepting a plaque form the Palos Verdes Navy League.
Lt. William J. Greeves From Michael Padleford, two pictures of Lt. William J. Greeves receiving his Silver Star.
USS England Underway From Michael Padleford, a very early picture of USS England underway.
USS England Underway From Dennis O'Brien, a later picture of England underway (B/W).
USS England and USS Ranger Underway From Dennis O'Brien.
USS England, USS Sacramento and USS Ranger Underway From Dennis O'Brien.
USS England In Dry Dock, LBNSY 1980 George "Gunner" Evans sent in these sets of pictures that were taken while he was on board the USS England. The Long Beach Naval Ship Yard shots of the ship in dry dock are magnificent! Gunner sent more pictures from his collection that will be added shortly.
USS England Underway
Jerry Backstrom Collection Pictures from 1971 as the ship returned to San Diego from Bath,  Maine.
Steve Joyce Collection Pictures from 1979
Carlos Luna Pictures Interesting shots including boxing on the fantail!
Last Dry Dock Picture Jim Mathias sent this great picture of the stern with the CPO Mess and Captain Gaskin (last CO)
San Diego Mini Reunion 2001 A few pictures taken by Dennis O'Brien at the Mini Reunion in San Diego. RADM (ret) Webster made the event! April 21, 2001.
Brea Min Reunion 2001 June 30, 2001 - USS England shipmates reunite in Brea, Ca.
Pictures from Charles Swenson Pictures of the ship and a newspaper clipping from his home town paper.
Ray Smid Collection Pictures from the early to mid 1980s including beer ration, pollywog princess, and other wonderful pictures!
Larry Flickinger Collection Picture from 1968 including Sasebo, Japan, Hong Kong, Dry Dock in Subic and more.
USS England Departing Subic in 1992 Jim Mathias sent in this wonderful picture. The last cruiser to leave Subic!
Joseph Heller Collection Some wonderful pictures of USS England and other ships from 1965 and 1966.
Keven Gravier Collection Beautiful pictures from 1985-1987.
Pictures from David Ford. Pictures of some of the Data Systems Technicians from 1981 - 1983.
Gerrit's Pictures From July 1984 with USS Tripoli
DOD High Resolution Pictures fit For Printing From various years as indicated in the filenames. Click the thumbnails to vie the large versions.