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We have been very successful with our reunions and attendance is wonderful. We have a fantastic group as one would expect of members of the ENGLAND family. However, we all know there are some shipmates out there who cannot attend the reunion due to hardship or difficult situations. These members of our family miss out on the comradely and happiness that these events provide. We have an opportunity to help.

IMG_4764.JPGAt our 2007 Reunion our shipmate John Yancy initiated an effort to help and at the business meeting his plan was approved unanimously approved by the team!  Our goal is to bring an England shipmate to the reunion in Seattle, and possibly future reunions for others that have been unable to attend a reunion because they are not as fortunate as we are to have the resources we have available to us. Your donations to this fund will hopefully fulfill an England shipmate's dream come true, to be reunited with shipmates again.

IMG_5033.JPGThe shipmate you help will never have to reveal that he has received this assistance and we have agreed never to ask who it is.  Our goal is to bring everyone together! We all know from our time on board ENGLAND that helping a shipmate is the cornerstone to team work and maintaining our ENGLAND family. 

John will be running this project from stem to stern. Dennis O'Brien has access to view the account for oversight. John will be providing  periodic updates as to the status of the fund raising efforts. If you've any question contact John or Dennis, or post them in the Deck Log and we'll discuss them.

There are two ways to donate to help a shipmate:

You can pay on-line, securely and quickly using PayPal, the world leader in secure, on line transactions. Click the donate button below.

You can also send a check or money order directly to John. Please make it payable to John Yancy.

Thank you for stepping up to help with this important project. If you know of a shipmate in need, please send all information to John Yancy.

Thank you John for bringing this to us and for following through!