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August 2007

On July 29, 2007 all of the On Line Crew received an e-mail about Project Help A Shipmate. At our 2007 Reunion our shipmate John Yancy initiated a project that was approved by all at the business meeting to assist an ENGLAND shipmate in attending our 2009 reunion. Reunions are expensive and some of us cannot afford to go because of financial or other hardship. We are a family and we want everyone to have to opportunity to reunite and be a part of these fun events. We need all of you to help.

What you are being offered is a chance to assist a shipmate! Your donation, large or small, will go a long way to helping. The shipmate who gets this help might be your best friend from way back when! Please, reach out and help him! Donate today. There are so many of us, so many reading this, that is every one of you donated right now, even a small amount, we would already have met the goal! Please, donate today.  

Donate now by clicking the link and following through. Details and be found on the Project Help A Shipmate page on this web site (Click Here).

Seriously, please do not read one more word of this newsletter until you donate. It’ll help so much.  Please also notice the clickable icon near the top left of every page linking to information and the methods to donate by mail or on-line. 


At the 2007 reunion RADM Hugh Webster USN (Ret) brought forward a project for a plaque at the Naval Memorial in Washington, DC for our ship. A unanimous vote at the Business Meeting ensured this project would move forward. Steve Joyce volunteered to lead the project and as been working with the graphic designer that the Naval Memorial provided to create a design.

The proposed design is shown above and we are asking shipmates for input on the design over the next thirty days (ending September 13).  There is a thread in the Deck Log in which you may voice if this acceptable design. If there is anything that needs to be changed, enter a message in the Deck Log.  You may also vote there and simple majority rules, "yes," it is acceptable, "no," we need to fix the design. Please do not vote "no" without commenting on what is wrong.  Voting closes on September 13 and if the result is that this is an acceptable design and no major issues have been reported, Steve will more forward, otherwise we'll work on the issues and try again.

If you click the image above, you can see an oversized version.

Please go here and discuss:


 Thank you RADM  Webster for bringing this to us and to Steve Joyce his continued efforts!

USS England DLG/CG-22 FAQ

A FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. It is a place on a web site where the webmaster puts the answers to questions that people send to him often. We have one and in it you’ll find out how to submit things to the site, learn about the Deck Log, One Line Crew and more. There is a menu item for the FAQ on the left.

If you have anything you’d like added to that, please send it to me, Dennis. We want the site to be as easy to use as possible and the FAQ can help people find the information they need.

USS England Ship's Store Is Open For Business!

The long awaited Ship’s Store is now open! For years people have asked about being able to obtain items related to our ships. A few wonderful individuals have stepped up to provide some items over this time, but people still asked about a ship’s store. At the last reunion, very few people even had an ENGLAND shirt to wear! Therefore, for the last two months we set out to solve this for both the DE-635 and DLG/CG-22.

The first issue was the lack of artwork to use. We had none in a digital format. The insignia for DLG/CG-22 was recreated. Looking through the various items in storage, there seemed to be two versions, one blue, silver and red and the other just red and blue. These were created and updated a little, taking a bit of artistic license by adding some slight color gradients so the items would not be completely flat. Items in both insignias for CG and DLG were then tested, colors adjusted for various items and then tested again.

At the same time there was nothing to go on for the DE-635. Going through old newsletters I found a line drawing of the “Ace of the DE Fleet” and decided that would be perfect! So, a color digital version of this was created.

What was also needed was a vendor with whom we’d have to do very little work beyond that art. We found one and all your orders will be filled by a third party that also offers a money back guarantee and more! Thus far most orders arrive within a week via UPS with tracking numbers so you can follow the package to your door! They have an 800 number and online help. We’re in great shape there!

As, previously mentioned, many test items, shirts and things we ordered, colors were adjusted and then items ordered again. An attempt was made to get things as correct as possible with the new graphics. A sizeable pile of rejects also accumulated, but these will make excellent desert garb! However, though all of the items are nice, a few standouts soon emerged. All of the items with tiles, in all insignia formats look stunning and the DE-635 Ace is wonderful! The colors on these are very rich. The “Golf Shirt” is a very nice item, good material and comfortable, a real surprise! However, all of the shirts are comfortable, though the least expensive experience a bit of fade pretty quickly but I have a few of these and they’re fine for me. Just keep in mind you get that for which you pay. Keep shrinkage in mind also. On the test items it has not been a major issue but cotton does shrink a bit. Read the descriptive material for all items carefully!

The color shirts are a little different. For the insignia items the gradations did not work out and the colors muted badly, blues turned to black. The colors were adjusted again and the result a very Navy blue with good reds and grays. The previewed shirt in the store shows the insignia a lot brighter than what it will be but it is very nice as you can see in the pictures here. The process involves printing them twice, once to put down a white layer on which to then put on a color layer. This process makes them a bit thick, the colors not entirely smooth depending on the shirt's texture. I really like mine! They wash to be soft. Very good items that stand out well!

There are over 200 items for sale in the store today, likely more than there have ever been for ENGLAND. More designs and items will be added over time. The mark up on everything is one dollar. This will go to pay for the approximately 60 dollars the enhanced and customizable store front cost and anything beyond that will go to one of the projects we agreed to at the last reunion. The Deck Log will have information on how well the store is doing in that regard. There is a new section in the Deck Log just for the store!

So, go enjoy your ship’s store and have your ENGLAND gear ready for Seattle! There is a new menu item on the left of every page or CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE STORE