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July 2008

2009 Reunion
As has been reported previously, our next reunion will be in Seattle in one year and is now just one year away! We’ll know more about the exact dates in June or July and other details in the next six to nine months but please set aside the vacation time for this event. Seattle is a wonderful location and you'll not want to miss this chance to be with your shipmates and friends.

Seattle is situated on the shores of two large lakes and Puget Sound. It is flanked by two major mountain ranges. theOlympics and the Cascades, with Mount Rainier in full view. There are a plethora of major attractions from Tillicum Village’s “longhouse” is styled in the fashion of the ancient dwellings of the North Coast Native Americans, to the USS TURNER JOY as well as the Space Needle and more!!!

We are going to have an excellent time. Please place this trip in your budget and on your calendar, we really need all hands at this one to help plan our next reunion as well as enjoy this one. Each of you is the key to the reunion’s success. See you there!

Navy Memorial Plaque Project

At the 2007 reunion RADM Hugh Webster USN (Ret) brought forward a project for a plaque at the Naval Memorial in Washington, DC (http://www.lonesailor.org/)for our ship. A unanimous vote at the Business Meeting ensured this project would move forward. Steve Joyce volunteered to lead the project and as been working with the graphic designer that the Naval Memorial provided to create a design The design has been discussed on our forum and approved. Steve has completed everything and all we need to do is fund the project. Please donate today.

 Click here to download the Please click here to download the PDF rendition of the form.  Print the form, fill it out and then mail it with your donation.

Thank you for your support!

For more information on the Memorial Plaque please click here.

At our 2007 Reunion our shipmate John Yancy initiated an effort to help and at the business meeting his plan was approved unanimously approved by the team! Our goal is to bring an England shipmate to the reunion in Seattle, and possibly future reunions for others that have been unable to attend a reunion because they are not as fortunate as we are to have the resources we have available to us. Your donations to this fund will hopefully fulfill an England shipmate's dream come true, to be reunited with shipmates again.

John has thus far collected $1218.02.  It is likely we'll need a little more so please donate today! It is easy via Pay Pal. We now need some help in identifying shipmates to bring to the reunion. If you know of a candidate, please contact John
. For complete details please click here.

As of today, we are about nineteen dollars from breaking even. Needless to say sales have been slow as we complete nearly a year of the store’s existence. The commissions are only a dollar per item so, we have to sell a bit to pay of it. However, we’ll fund the shortfall for the store for another year in hope it comes around and make a profit for our group next year. We’ll also be adding a few products coming up soon.

USS England Mini Reunions!
In the past we have done some small reunions, usually a quick get together at a local pub. These are great fun, inexpensive and easy to set up. For southern California, it would be great to have on this fall! There is a thread on the forum http://forum.ussengland.org/viewtopic.php?p=380  for that area. If you’d like to have on in your area, post you idea in the forum in the Upcoming Other Events area http://forum.ussengland.org/viewforum.php?f=3. Please help plan so fun for your shipmates!

USS Sterett
We all remember the USS Sterett and we know that efforts to make CG-31 a museum ship fell part and she was scrapped. However, the new USS Sterett DDG-104 is about to be placed into commission! The event will take place in Baltimore at South Locust Point Cruise Terminal on August 8th, 2008 The Sterret name lives on in our Navy. For details click here. http://sterett.net/.