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June 2007

Fourth Reunion A Success!

USS England Reunion attendees about to learn about a 5" gun on USS New Jersey.

We completed our fourth reunion in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this month with nearly 90 attendees who enjoyed tours, dinners, sea stories and fun. The fun started on Thursday evening with a welcome reception that was one of the better attended we’ve had. From that one could tell that we had a lot of people who’d signed up for the entire reunion this year! In fact all the tours were sold out and all events very well attended.

On Friday the group visited USS New Jersey BB-62 and many of the historic sites in Philadelphia. It was a long day and that evening the tired group relaxed with a Philly style dinner and a gift exchange with many laughs!

Saturday a tour of Valley Forge gave everyone the opportunity to learn about the winter of 1777-1778 and the Continental Army under George Washington. The tour was followed by the 2007 business meeting which was the most productive to date. That evening the Banquet opened with an Air Cadet Honor Guard arranged by CW04 George “Gunner” Evens (Ret.) that was the best we’d ever seen! After dinner the group was addressed by Gunner and Admiral Webster. This was followed by music!

Sunday was breakfast and the memorial presented by Steve Joyce. Then it was time for good byes and to begin looking forward to 2009.

Thank you to Admiral Webster, Gunner Evans, and Steve Joyce for helping to make this reunion work! Thank you to Military Locator and Reunion Services for making all of it possible!

Thank you to everyone who attended!!

Pictures form the event can be viewed by clicking here. However, read the rest of the newsletter because there is big news!!!

Many Plankowners Attended the Reunion

2009 Reunion Takes Us To The Northwest!

At the business meeting on June 23, after much discussion and a very close vote, a return to the west in Seattle Washington was selected best location for 2009. Seattle won by just one vote over San Antonio, Texas. Either would have made an excellent choice for what will be our fifth reunion.

Seattle will enable our shipmates in the western states, where much of our population lives, to reengage the reunion efforts and offers all attendees to visit the excellent city that offers so much for an event! Between now and this reunion we'll also be making a greater effort to inform people of it, reconnect with shipmates whose data is not incorrect and to contact those who are still unaware of our efforts. Needless to say we hope Seattle is our most successful reunion to date!

More information will be coming over the next two years and the reunion page (check it out after reading the rest of the newsletter) on this site will be updated as that becomes available.

2007 Business Meeting Expands USS England’s Efforts

Admiral Webster discusses the United States Naval Memorial at the Business Meeting

This year’s meeting went beyond dealing with the next reunion. Two new projects were presented with goals to help preserve our history and to help out shipmates. Please start thinking about them both as they will require donations and support from all of you to work. Both projects show that we as a group have a vision of our future and that outlook is very positive!

Thank you to everyone of the 53 people who participated in the business meeting. We got a lot done and as we complete these projects, we’ll preserve our history, preserve our future and help our shipmates! Good work!

Commemorative Plaque

USS England DE-635 already has her history preserved on the Commemorative Plaque Wall at the United States Naval Memorial in Washington, DC.

Rear Admiral Hugh Webster USN (Ret) presented information on the Commemorative Plaque Wall at the United States Naval Memorial in Washington, DC (http://www.lonesailor.org/). The Naval Memorial describes the Plaque Wall as follows: “The Commemorative Plaque Wall offers individuals and groups the opportunity to create a permanent memorial by sponsoring a plaque dedicated to an individual, group, ship, squadron, command, battle or event within the U.S. Sea Services, while supporting the mission of the Navy Memorial. The plaques are publicly displayed within the Naval Heritage Center and on the Internet, where they are viewed by thousands of veterans, families, friends, tourists and school groups who visit Washington or browse our website.”

“Each plaque is an archival Silvaloy plate measuring seven by three and three-quarter inches and is created by our Graphic Designer in co-operation with the plaque's sponsor. Plaques can include pictures, text, group insignias, logos, and other graphical elements.”

The initial deposit of $500.00 was raised during the reunion, generously donated by attendees who voted to support this effort. Steve Joyce volunteered to work with Admiral Webster and the Naval Memorial to design a plaque for USS England and to raise the remaining funds needed to dedicate the plaque. More information on how you can help will soon follow.

Shipmates Helping Shipmates

Another project was presented by John Yancy. He has become aware that some of our shipmates are in life situations that prevent their participation in our reunions and asked the group what could be done to assist at least one of them each time we have a reunion. This was discussed by the group who felt that providing financial assistance would be something they’d very much like to do. It was agreed that we would try this for the next reunion. John Yancy would manage the fund and select the recipient as well as work out a method by which we can donate to this cause.

It was also presented that to ensure those receiving such assistance could feel comfortable in doing so, the group would not be made aware of who was selected, nor would they even inquire. John is to provide information on how much is raised and spent but nothing about the recipient. All agreed and more information on how you can participate will be available shortly.

Shipmate Created USS England Items For Sale

A couple of our shipmates had new USS England items for sale that are available to you to buy. All area great quality products that you'll enjoy owning!


You are all aware of the wonderful USS England coins that were created by Chris Arnaud. These are excellent quality painted and engraved, epoxy coated, metal coins that are beautiful. At the reunion these were made available by Chris and were a big hit! You’ll not be disappointed! Please see this thread in the Deck Log: http://forum.ussengland.org/viewtopic.php?t=71

Order yours today!!!!


Ray Smid provided USS England coasters to every one at the reunion banquet this year. These made a lovely addition to our tables. They are neoprene, which is an excellent material for this purpose, both absorbent and water repellent to protect furniture from stains from drinks. They are available with a picture of our ship or the ship’s seal and will make any table look better! He also has mugs just like you remember them from your time on board ship and mouse pads with our ship on them! To get yours, all you need to is print out the order form, fill it in and sent it with the correct funds to Eagle Engraving. CLICK HERE For the order form!