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May 2007


In late May of 1944 USS England DE-635, sunk six Japanese submarines in a period of just 12 days, a feat that has never been surpassed. She continued to serve in World War II until during the battle of Okinawa she was hit by a Kamikaze and was undergoing repairs and conversion in Philadelphia when the war ended. Both DE-635 and DLG/CG-22 carried the name of Ens. John Charles England who perished on board USS Oklahoma during the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

It is one of our responsibilities as England sailors to ensure these events of over 60 years ago are remembered, carried into the future and the thread of history continues. What can you do?

· Direct family and friends to our web site so they can learn the history.
· Support Operation King, get you latter out to the Secretary of the Navy.

Share the history with others!


Here is it May already and our 2007 Reunion is next month! The two years since we were in Charleston has passed quickly! Now the Philadelphia reunion is nearly upon us! Have you signed up yet?
How are forms and reunion information distributed? To keep costs down, anyone who can be reached via e-mail (On Line Crew) is encouraged to use the forms available on line. MLRS sent out hard copies only to those people for whom we did not have a valid e-mail address. Also, over the last several weeks, I have sent out letters to ensure people for whom I had a inoperable e-mail address update their data and were aware of the reunion. I also sent out letters this month to nearly everyone within a days drive or so of Philadelphia asking them to attend. Hopefully this will inspire people to sign up and get to this event!

As you know from last month, everything is all set for you to make your reservations for the reunion! All you have to do is download your registration packet, fill it out and send it in! You can customize the reunion nearly any way you’d like to fit your budget, interests or time available.

If you’ve not yet signed up, please do so today! Youe shipmates are counting on you to be there.

Click here for reunion information and links to the registration packet.


One of our USS England shipmates, Chris Arnaud, has had some beautiful USS England coins made! These are coins you can collect or carry with you to remind you of your time on board and to show to others! Chris Arnaud has posted pricing (just 7.50 plus shipping) and ordering details on our Deck Log. Click Here to log in and read the thread in the England Items for Sale category.



The Deck Log is dong pretty well and has a number. A few people have asked about its impact on On Line Crew. Currently they are two totally different things with no tie at all to each other. This can be confusing so, a brief explanation might help.

On Line Crew

The On Line Crew is simply how we keep track of contact information for distributing reunion information and e-mail notifications. This data is collected confidentially so that those who wish to remain anonymous can do so but still be a part of the information stream. To join the On Line Crew, there is no password, just a form to submit data. Not being a member of On Line Crew does not preclude one from using the web site or participating in any way but it does mean you’ll not be informed of USS England events and news. Keeping you On Line Crew data is simple, just fill in the form if you want to sign up or there are changes you need made.

You can access the One Line Crew Form here: http://crew.ussengland.org/


The Deck Log

The Deck Log is an on line forum. Portions of the forum can be viewed by all. However, much of it is only viewable by individuals you have “registered,” basically signing up and obtaining a user name and password. Signing up for the Deck Log does not sign one up for On Line Crew. What signing up does do is enable you to log on to the Deck Log, read everything and to post. This is the place to post about yourself so shipmates can find you, look for shipmates and also to talk about everything, even off topic subjects. Please sing up and sue this tool!!!

When you sign up for the Deck Log it will send you a verification e-mail. Follow the instructions for activating your Deck Log account. If you receive one mentioning the COPPA Act, it means you selected that you were under 13 years of age and you should e-mail Dennis O’Brien it fix that for you.

If you have any problem signing up or using the Deck Log, please contact me, Dennis O’Brien. I can help with almost any issue. The goal is to ensure your experience is the best it can be when talking about the ship, reuniting with old friends and just enjoying the site.

You can access the Deck Log here: http://forum.ussengland.org

The important thing to remember is that, at least for now, the Deck Log and On Line Crew are not the same thing. Sign up for both!