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April 2009

USS England DE635's  Robert McCleeary Passes Away
It is with deep sadness that I report the passing of Robert McCleeary from the crew of USS ENGLAND DE635. Bob was the editor and chief of the DE635 Newsletter for many years and when I first got to work on the web site in earnest, he was an invaluable resource and help. He passed away Sunday, March 29, 2009. He was a wonderful man and a friend.

DE635 will be having their reunion in Albany New York June 22 through 25th, 2009. they will be visiting USS Slater and having a memorial service onboard for all who’ve passed, and it is certain that Bob will be in their harts that day.

Reunion planning continues and our fifth USS England DLG/CG-22 reunion will be in Seattle July 23rd through 26th of this year. Seattle offers so much, from the USS Turner Joy to the Space Needle, this is one reunion you will not want to miss! It is also a perfect time of year to be in the north west, so you might consider making this a longer visit.

You do not need to make hotel reservations for this event. Reunions packets will be available on-line shortly. All you need to do is fill them out and follow the instructions for sending them in as before! It could not be easier!

In the last month most of you received an e-mail with the Reunion Survey and a request to fill this out and send it in. This is very important so that we know what you want to do. If you have not done so, please fill this out now. Click here to download the PDF file, print it, fill it out and send it to the address indicated on the form. Thank you for your prompt attention. It would be great if you would do this today if you have not done it yet.

Our friends at Military Locator and Reunion Services are working hard to make this a great event. They are very much aware of the current economic issues and are putting in the effort to control costs so as to make it possible for as many of you as possible to attend.

Memorial Plaque Project
Donations have been a little slow for our Memorial Plaque Project. As you know Steve Joyce volunteered to head this project that was initiated by RADM Hugh Webster USN (Ret) at our last reunion. Steve has done an excellent job and we need to back him up and send in our donations. Please help. Click here for more information: http://cg22.ussengland.org/ProjectNavalMemorial/index.htm

USS England Web Site
This year the USS England web site changed servers! As part of this process we also upgraded the Deck Log, our on line forum, to the next version. The Deck Log is an excellent place to post what you are doing these days for your shipmates, and to find shipmates, or to just tell jokes and have fun. Please sign in and enjoy!


Another way to find friends and workmates is social networking. There are a number of sites that offer ways to set up a network of people with whom you can communicate and even look at their network to extend yours. In this way your network grows. Two of the best are FaceBoook and LinkedIn.

FaceBook is very social, you set up your network of friends and then you communicate what you are doing or thinking, share pictures and join groups! There is even a USS England group on FaceBook! It is very fun and light, and a great tool for finding old friends as well. It is a lot of fun and you are all encouraged to join up!


LinkedIn is less for fun and more for setting up a network of professionals with whom you have worked or know. It then extends your professional network out into other complains where people you know now work. It can help you find a job, a business partner or an old friend with whom you worked. You can sear by company, recommend people and send messages to each other as you plot your next move! With the uncertain times ahead, professional networking might be what makes the difference. Consider signing up and creating a professional network.


Forest Aid
Though not a USS England related subject, this year I attended Reforestation Supervisor Training as part of Forest Aid. Since I have volunteered a couple of times to teach and help people plant tress in San Bernardino National Forest where the forest fires over the past several years have devastated that area. It is all volunteer and a lot of fun. The work is not really that hard but rewarding and I hope some of you who live in the Southern California area might like to help. I promise you a fun day and the chance to work with great people!!! They’re planting every weekend until the start of May. You just give a day! See this web site for information: http://www.forestaid.net/