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December 2004


At the business meeting at our 2003 reunion the location and time for our next reunion was selected by those present. Our third USS ENGLAND DLG/CG-22 Reunion will be held in Charleston, South Carolina and we've set up the dates and location for our reunion to be June 23 through 26, 2005 at the Town and Country Inn. This will offer us the best location and cost as well as have the facilities to accommodate our group for what should be a wonderful and fun event! This will be an excellent reunion as we continue our success, friendships and fun! This is our fist reunion on the east coast and we need all hands to turn to and make hits a success.
Charleston, offers many wonderful venues, fantastic tour destinations and has a long military history. Though we've not set up all of the tours as of yet, it is likely that we'll have the opportunity to visit Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum where the historic USS YORKTOWN is moored as a museum along with USS LAFFEY (DD-724), the submarine USS CLAMAGORE (SS-343) and the Coast Guard cutter INGHAM (WHEC-35).

The itinerary will not stop there! Other possibilities include a diner cruise and a tour of historic Charleston, South Carolina! Thursday we'll have our usual meet and greet, Friday a tour and something fun with dinner, Saturday another tour, our business meeting and our final banquet and on Sunday morning breakfast and a memorial service before saying our good byes. More details will be presented as they become available and registration packets will be made available a month or two before the event.

Please, everyone start your planning now for this reunion as it is going to be great fun and a wonderful opportunity for you to reunite with shipmates and to make new friends.

Southern California Mini Reunion!


On August 7, 2004 a number of USS ENGLAND shipmates got together at the USS Midway and later at The Fish Market.


Though turnout was somewhat lower than expected those that did attend, including a DE-635 representative, had a wonderful time on board USS MIDWAY and sharing sea stories at the bar after including CAPT. & Mrs. Gaskin.


The event was a lot of fun and I thank all of those that showed up. Your support of the USS ENGLAND effort is appreciated. To see all the pictures click here!

Happy Holidays!

To all the families, shipmates and friends of USS England, please have a safe and happy holiday season. As the year closes we've much for which to be thankful including our great freedom, this wonderful country, those who are defending it for us around the globe today and each other who share the common bond of our service. Enjoy!

When Will There Be An England in the US Navy?

Last May Secretary of the Navy Gordon England spoke to the National Press Club and said:

"I'd like to start today with a bit of history. It turns out on this very day, May 26 ,1944, the USS ENGLAND, a destroyer escort, sunk its fifth submarine in the Pacific campaign, and would later sink a record sixth submarine. Now these extraordinary feats prompted Admiral Ernest king, who was then Chief of Naval Operations, to proclaim, 'There will always be an ENGLAND in the United States Navy.' Now I do hope - I do hope that at the end of this hour, some of you will at least somewhat agree with Admiral King's proclamation."

You can listen to the speech on line on the National Public Radio web site.

Obviously our letters are being read and people in high places are hearing our request for a new USS England to sail the seas in defense of our great nation! Please, participate in Operation King and encourage your friends and co workers to to the same!


Over The Edge of The World

If you enjoy history and the sea Over The Edge of the World by Laurance Bergreen is a definite must read! This is the story of Magellan and his attempt to circumnavigate the world and on behalf of Spain race is native Portugal to Spice Islands. Along the way the crews of his ships face every hardship and indulge in every sin. More than 260 men left in the five ships of the Armada de Molucca in 1519. Only one terribly battered ship, the Victoria, returned in 1522 with only 18 nearly stared men on board and Magellan himself long since dead. This is an amazing story or the sea and of man that is very well written so as to be more readable as a story than as a history but yet serves both roles well. The book presents the true story of life in the early 1500s and that of the sailors of the time as well and the years at sea.