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February 2000 (Supplement to the January Edition)

This is a supplemental newsletter to bring you up to date on some items of immediate interest. 

Operation Boarding Party
The worst news we could have arrived. We will not be able to board the USS England before she is scrapped. She has been stripped to the point where she is not considered safe for such events. They have agreed to send some pictures of her. The Joutte's Association had requested a visit, also turned down, and a photographer had been arranged for them.  The photographer will also visit England. We should have the pictures here shortly.

Arthur Beaumont's Flank Speed 1963

USS Sterett CG-31 Museum
Most of you know the the Leahy and Belknap class cruisers have all been retired. A few have already served as targets. the rest are to be scrapped but for one. The USS Sterett is 'on hold' and is slated to become a museum in Eureka, California. The Sterett Association has been working with others groups to save this one CG. It would serve as a museum for all of the cruisers, NTDS, Vietnam and the Cold War. We can help and you are all encouraged to go to their web site and see what you can do to help. They need everything from money to technical assistance, from painters to writters. Please help save the Sterett.

USS Sterett CG-31