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February 2003

Better Late Than Never!
This month's newsletter is a bit short and a lot late. I apologize for this. Between work, school and life, it has been a hectic beginning of the year! However, things are settling in and we're on course again. Our second reunion is nearly here and 2003 will be a great year for us. There is also some sad news to pass on this month as we've lost an important member of our England family.

Victoria “Tora” Glenn Passes Away
Victoria Glenn died on November 16, 2002 after a ten week battle with cancer. She was only 61. Victoria was John Charles England’s daughter. Her husband Robert Glenn writes, “She passed away at home without pain or suffering among the ones she loved.  She was extremely brave during this entire ordeal.  Her main concern was for her family and not herself.  Maybe she inherited this from her father.  She never lost her sense of humor and I have told many stories about her at the two hospitals where she was treated.  We had off duty nurses and others coming to visit her on their days off which says quite a bit. 

She was born on November 9, 1941 and was en route to see her father when he was killed on board USS OKLAHOMA, December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor while working to save shipmates. She married Robert Glenn on August 7, 1965. She’d attended many of the USS England functions for both ships.  She will be very much missed.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Robert, Lisa and Bethany Glenn as well as to the entire family and their friends.

Reunion News
We are now within months of our next reunion!!!!! Are you getting ready? Registration packets are scheduled to go out next month and more information will be presented in the coming months. It is very important that you attend this reunion. Not only will you have the chance to reunite with your shipmates but you’ll also be able to involve yourself in the future direction of our group. That direction will be decided at the business meeting that will be help as part of the reunion and you must attend to have your vote counted!

2003 will also bring some Mini-Reunions to get us ready for the main event. These are very informal gatherings!  We’ll do one in the LA area and one in the San Diego area.  Details will follow soon!  Speak up if you want to help with these!!!! Please plan on attending one of these events. If you’d like to host a Mini-Reunion, it is easy. Pick a place and a time. We’ll announce it on the web site!

As stated many times in this newsletter, we need articles! These can be about you, USS England and anything else related and publishable on a classy web site like we have.  It would take a huge load off the current author/editor’s back if some shipmates would contribute to this newsletter.

We are in great shape for this year! We are going to have fun! Be a part of it! Be in San Diego in June!!!!

Please ensure you are signed up as On Line Crew so you get all the information!!!

Operation Technology Time Machine
Last year Operation Technology Time Machine was announced. How did we track aircraft, chip paint, put divers over the side and communicate with other ships? Many of you have pictures and expertise in the systems that were on our ship. These along with system diagrams and explanations would make an interesting addition to our site and help preserve this data for students now and in the future. Operation Technology Time Machine will accomplish this but only with you help!  Send your pictures, drawings, sketches, stories and more!

Answer these questions if you can!

Is this a CP642B?

Is this a 1218?