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January 2001

The England Family
We have established contact with the family of John Charles England! His daughter Tora (Victoria) England married Commander Bob Glenn (Naval Aviator) in 1965 at NAS Alameda. She was then a flight attendant for Pan Am.  They have two grown daughters, each of whom have provided them with a grandson!  Commander Glenn wrote, "We have been aboard CG22 twice, the first time was in San Diego while I was still on active duty sometime in 1976,(had dinner), and again when the ship was in Portland, Oregon for the annual Rose Festival, this was in the early eighties (lunch this time)."
They are living in Texas and we hope to have more information about them and John Charles England in the near future. Thank you to all the shipmates and friends who assisted in our search for John England's family. Welcome aboard to the England/Glenn family.


John Charles England's Shipmate!
We have found an officer from USS Oklahoma who knew John England. In 1941 LCDR Gordon E. Douglass USN (ret) was an ensign on board USS Oklahoma. Both of them were in "C Division" and stationed in Radio One for GQ and various watches. Of John England, LCDR Douglass said, "He was about six foot tall, hansom, with dark slightly wavy hair. There was no guile in him. He was very honest and open and trusted that what he told you would be held in highest confidence. He was clean and neat in his personal appearance, and I never heard him use any profanity."

USS Oklahoma BB-37

Apparently they had a division officer who liked to badger the junior officer and John England replaced LCDR Douglass in this role.

"John though, could neither understand the callous attitude of the Radio officer, nor his utter disregard of the feelings of others. On the other hand, John, himself was kind and considerate to all of us, who were on the coding board as well as to the radiomen, yeomen and the mess attendants. He learned that whenever I was required to have my lunch served to me on a tray, that I would order an extra piece of fruit or two for the enlisted men. the men got very little fresh fruit. John started doing this also."

"As far as I know he was the only C division officer to lose his life. I have never been able to check these figures, but I believe that our division was comprised of about eighty men. almost fifty were killed in the cowardly attack."

LCDR Douglass went on to serve on board USS Enterprise CV-6. "I was on Big E for eighteen months during which time the ship earned nine battle stars, a presidential Unit citation and another award for accompanying General Doolittle's bombers on their attack on Tokyo."

We hope to have more from LCDR Douglass in the future.


Operation Reunion - July 26-29, 2001 San Diego
There is now a separate page on this site for information about the Reunion. Remember, you must sign up as On-Line Crew to have information about the reunion mailed to you.  In 2001 we will be putting the finishing touches on our reunion plans and we need all of you to help! How? By being a part of the reunion! sign up as On-Line Crew today!


Web Site Renovation Continues
Long time users know that the USS England DLG/CG-22 web site started to change a bit toward the end of last year. We are now completing the design changes to the main site and we hope you like the new look! More brass and roll over effects were added as we continue to out do the other ships' web sites, just as USS England always shined.
There is now a very large box of items waiting to be placed on the web site. These will be added over the next several months so please keep checking in for new items.


More On DE-635
You'll also find that more content has been added to the DE-635 site, mostly articles and information.


Shipmates are encouraged to send in sea stories for possible publication here.  The news in November's newsletter concerning the passing of Capt. Ammerman stirred many.  Here is another one of the stories sent in.

Captain Ammerman
By John Gannon BTCS(ret) USN

I have a sea story for you. Capt. Ammerman pinned my Chief's Devices on me at the end of my initiation in Bremerton at the PSNS during overhaul in the mid Seventies. I have a picture of the event. Part of my initiation was to wake him up at 0430 and inform him that I, Boot Chief Gannon, had determined in my infinite wisdom that it was time for him to heave out and trice up! He was staying at the BOQ at the time so several other officers were witness to my folly. For those of you that knew him, can just imagine the fear that was in my heart as I stood in the face of this very stern appearing gentleman, standing there in his skivvies. He looked me up and down and said " Thank you very much Chief, now get the hell out of here!"  He later told me that he couldn't believe that I actually woke him up at that hour. In those days we did those kinds of things to BOOT CHIEFS and like most senior officers he was used to it and took it well. He was as always  an officer and a gentleman and I was sadden by his passing.


Where are they now?

  • Commander Bill Haflich was the Navigator on board USS England from 1985 to 1987.  He is currently Commanding officer of USS McClusky FFG-41, home ported in San Diego and currently deployed. 
  • Commander Terry L. Johnson was the NTDS Maintenance Officer, Fire Control Officer and Public Affairs Officer on board USS England from 1984 to 1987.  He now lives in Maryland and is working for Logicon.  He is currently a Commander in the Naval Reserve and went over 25 years on November 24, 2000. Congratulations Commander Johnson.

Send in your short bio for publication here!