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July 2002

July 4th! This is a fun day in our country and an important one. The world has again shown itself to not be a friendly place for Americans and if nothing else it should enlighten us that freedom has a price and great value.  Please, have a great holiday, a safe holiday and fly your flag high where you live. We are blessed to live in such a wonderful country. Think about that while you enjoy the holiday.

As you know we now have less than one year until out next reunion!  To make that event the best it can be you all need to help! On our web site there is a survey. The document is in PDF format and if you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, there is a link for the free download.  Read the document, think about what you’d like to do at the reunion, fill in the last page and return that page as instructed in the text.  Please do this ASAP so we can start planning events.

The survey has information about San Diego and possible options for our reunion. The last page has a few easy questions and instructions for returning the survey. Print and mail! The information will help ensure your input is considered as we make final plans for the reunion.

Click Here For the Survey!

The survey is in Portable Document Format (PDF). To view, download a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is FREE!

Again we’ll need speakers, memorabilia, flags and other items for our reunion. Many people assisted in this area in 2001.  We’ll need folks to step up again in 2003! Volunteer today! Lets make this an even better event than 2001!

Dennis O'Brien
As you know I am currently working to clean up our On Line Crew data. The USS England effort is not funded, there are no dues and the only way we can keep it manageable it to ensure the data, especially e-mail addresses we have, are all current.  Because we (O’Brien’s Net) have a server with space, the ship web sites and e-mails costs us nothing. We want to stay as “electronic” as possible. We’re missing about 170 e-mail addresses that have become invalid over the past year or two. If you are getting e-mail updates, then it is very likely your data is up to date but you might know of a shipmate for whom we have incorrect data.  This is where you can help!

I have called nearly 100 of these people, spoke to some, left messages for many and had no luck with a few. Those free night and weekend cell phone minutes sure come in handy! I have been able to get some of the data corrected and this is reflected on the project’s web page but there is still a lot of work to do. I’ll be calling the rest of the people this week. The trouble is that some of our shipmates have moved or have not yet responded to my request. Please assist if you can be contacting your shipmates and getting them signed up for On-Line Crew today!!! We simply must find all over those who served on our ship! We do not want to lose anyone.

For more information, please go to:


What should you do if you do not know anyone on that list? Find a shipmate! You served with hundreds, find one. Give him the ship’s web site, e-mail and my contact information. Get him on board!

Last month a request went out for writers for this fine newsletter. Please step up and help!!!!  Write about yourself, our ship or the Navy. Send it to dennis@obriens.net (plain text and MS Word).  So long as it is a positive, proper addition to the site and the USS England effort, it will appear here. Many of you have a lot to say so here is your chance to contribute. Opinion pieces, biographies, sea stories, ideas and more are wanted. Please assist, your shipmates would like to hear from you.

A great way to get in touch with shipmates, talk about the ship, share sea stores or discuss the reunion is to us the On Line Forum!  Signing up take only a few seconds and the forum is easy to use. Check it out at:


The USS England Forum was retired on 02/03/07.

Try it today!