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July 2007

For a long time people have asked for ENGLAND shirts and this month we ran a poll in the Deck Log in the Suggestion section asking users what they thought about our having a Ship's Store. The result was a vote overwhelmingly in favor of this. We're developing via a third party provider for these items and services, so only "new" items can be offered. However, using a third party will ensure orders are professionally and quickly filled. It will also use an infrastructure already in place, so there will be a lot less work for us!  The on-line storefront will be our own and many of the the products offered based on new art work.

We'll start out offering T-Shirts and a list of other items. We've recreated the ship's insignia in various versions such as that shown at right on the baseball jersey. There  will be items for DLG and the CG. There will also be a lot of items for the DE-635. The first of the new art work for the first ENGLAND is the Ace shown in the next article and the ladies shirt at left. It is based on an line drawing they used in their newsletter for many years.

Mark-ups to the items will be small to pay for an enhanced storefront and other services. Any profits beyond, if there are any, that will be put toward Project Help a Shipmate or other ENGLAND projects. We'll keep you posted on how that all goes. If there are any questions, ask!

As time passes we'll add more items, but not compete with those already being sold by others, such as the wonderful coins from Chris Arnaud, and the magnificent coasters, mouse pads and mugs from Ray and Tammy Smid. See think Links page for information on those great items!!!!

More details will be released very soon.

Operation King!

As we're between reunions, it is a good time to focus your energy on the most important project we have, retuning the ENGLAND name to the seas!  With only a few of the current DDGs to be built still unnamed, we have to step up the efforts to get one of these ships names USS England. Other cruisers of ENGLAND's era have already been so honored. Please, write a letter to the Secretary of the Navy today!

Please mention the history of DE-635, "The Ace Of The D.E. Fleet," in your letters, and how important it is to her officers and crew that the ENGLAND once again sail in defense of our county. We have worked hard to preserve her history as well as that of our own ENGLAND.  The DE-635 side of this web  site is full or material, more than any DE site so far as I know. Spread that history to your family, friends and coworkers. Keep it alive and keep working, serving ENGLAND as you did when you sailed aboard DLG-22/CG-22. This is our duty and we must have success!!

Please, your letter and 41 cents could be the one that makes this happen! It does not have to be a long letter, just one asking that ENS. John. C. England and the officers and crew of CD-635 and DLG/CG-22 be honored by the fulfillment of Admiral E. J. King's promise that, "There'll always be an ENGLAND in the United States Navy."  Please send yours today. More information can be found on the OPERATION KING PAGE.

Prepping for 2009

It may seem early to start thinking about our 2009 reunion in Seattle but for this reunion we'd like to start early gathering information and volunteers. After last month's reunion in Philadelphia I heard a lot of input about the hotel. There were problems with card keys, service and more. This did not spoil the event because ENGLAND people always come through but I think we can do better and be more proactive.

Of course better hotels cost more money and Seattle is going to be a little more expensive than Philadelphia but it might be worth it to consider a better hotel, even though that might add slightly to the cost as well. So, what I am going to seek are people who live in the Seattle area now who will assist in gathering information about venues and more. If you are willing to help out in this effort, please let me know.

Another area in which we'll need assistance is people to speak at our banquet and help with the festivities. We've been very lucky to have Admiral Webster, CW04 George "Gunner" Evans and STG1 Stephen Joyce to assist at every one of our four reunions thus far. However, I know that many of you would also like to step up and assist in making of 5th reunion a bigger and better event than any prior. We're going to need speakers, color guard, a chaplain and more. We hope to have artifacts on display and more people than ever in attendance. If you can volunteer now, please do so.

We need you and your loved ones at the reunion as well. Please start budgeting and planning time for this event. If you have any questions, please ask. If I can assist you, get in touch! Lets make sure all of us get to this event and plan to do so early! Together we can make Seattle our best port visit ever!

Lastly we need all of you to go find more shipmates and get them to this web site and to the reunion! Go look for them today!!!

Operation Sailor Hat!

In the mid 1960s the Navy was involved in tests to determine the kinds of damage to be expected from possible nuclear attacks on out ships. These tests took place of San Clemente Island of the coast of Southern, California and then  at Kaho’olawe Island, Hawaii. The cruiser USS Atlanta was involved in all of the tests and specially fitted out for the purpose.

Three tests were done at Kaho’olawe and USS England participated in the second. We have shipmates that we on ENGLAND and also ATLANTA who have offered their pictures and experiences to out web site along with pictures, video and data from other sources. These personal stories and pictures have never been seen publicly before. Please enjoy this new addition to our web site.