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June 2001

Independence Day!
In just a few days we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence. 225 years ago some very bold and brave men took the steps to create this country. People paid in blood then and since to maintain our freedoms. People have given of themselves so much so that we could enjoy our lives as we do. July 4th is a very special day. Few people in this word celibate such a thing! Freedom! We are lucky. Enjoy your Independence Day. You have earned it!

One Month Away! Reunion Update- July 26-29, 2001 San Diego
Two years ago July 26-29, 2001 seemed pretty far away.  At that time there was no reunion even planned! Now the first USS England DLG/CG-22 reunion is just about one month away! We are going to have a better than expected crowd so this will be a great event! You do not want to miss it! After July 8th you will find a list of those who are registered thus far on this web site. An announcement will go out as well. If you see a friend you wanted to see, then sign up! This is a major opportunity that you cannot afford to pass up! Time is running out very quickly!

Reservation packets were due on June 26. This does not mean you cannot come to the reunion if you have not sent yours in!  It means you need to call  828-256-6008! You need to get your reservation and deposits/payments in ASAP! They’ll be able to tell you what is still available. The only issue might be hotel rooms and if you need assistance, let me know. Call first! Please also sign in as On Line Crew so we can keep you up to date! If you have any problems, concerns, issues or questions, please get in touch with me ASAP via e-mail at dennis@ussengland.net or phone at 714-961-6840.

Final preparations are now underway. This is going to be a fun reunion and our fist chance to plan for the future! For those who will be at the Friday night Luau, please pack your Hawaiian shirts! You want to look that part! USS England hats will match perfectly! MilitaryGifts.com has great hats! You'll need this, order now and ask them to rush!

The big event of the reunion is the banquet on Saturday evening. Coats and ties are suggested for this more formal affair and for those still in uniform, please put on your best! We have great speakers and this will the the event everyone attends, so you'll be able to find your shipmates here!

A number of questions have come up regarding transportation to the hotel. The Hanalei does not operate an airport shuttle.

The hotel recommends:

  • Cloud Nine Shuttle which can be found outside baggage claim at Lindbergh Field (SAN). Reservations & Information: inside San Diego County 1-800-974-8885 for outside San Diego County 858-974-8885. Shared Ride service is $7.50 per passenger. Exclusive Shuttle (just you) is  $37.50. Classic Caddy Exclusive $29.00. Classic Limo Exclusive $39.00. You can make a reservation on line at http://www.cloud9shuttle.com/.
  • Taxis are available outside baggage claim at Lindbergh Field (SAN). The cost will be from $12.00 to $15.00 to the hotel.

The Reunion is at the Red Lion Hanalei Hotel, 2270 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108.

When you get to the hotel, check in with a representative from Military locator and Reunion Service, Inc.

Where Is England In The Navy?
On May 18, 1944 the USS England DE-635 received orders from Admiral Halsey to pursue a Japanese submarine believed to be enroute to Buin, on the southeast tip of Bougainville. The following day in company with destroyer escorts USS GEORGE and USS  RABY the USS England sank her first submarine. She would sink five more, part of a Japanese scouting line, before the end of the month. These six submarines in twelve days set a record that has never been equaled. On May 29, 1944 Admiral Halsey sent a message in which he described the feat as "a matter of great pride to the whole South Pacific Team. He continued to say, "May there all ways be an England. Well done and congratulations to all hands." The Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral E. J. King promised "There'll always be an ENGLAND in the United States Navy."

This promise was fulfilled. In 1960 when the keel of USS England DLG-22 was laid down at Todd Shipyard in San Pedro, California. She went to sea in 1963 and the new USS England served in every major confrontation for the next thirty years. She served her country while she carried the name of John Charles England and the legacy of DE-635 into the modern age. Each of us who served on her were a part of this and we carry on the tradition of England is our hearts today.

However, today there is no USS England in the United States Navy! Many have asked for one but so far it has not occurred. Of course that was before the officers and crew of the mighty USS England reunited! With the combined officers and crew from DE-635 and DLG.CG-22 we now have over 1,000 voices and countless more supporters in families across the globe! This sound will be hard not to notice!

In the coming weeks we will be undertaking to change the situation and return a USS England to the seas. It is our responsibility to do so just as it was our responsibility to maintain our ship during our time on board. We'll need all hands to help with this effort and it might be a long one. It will be a chance to pass on that with which we were blessed, the England. It will be a chance to bring the thread of history back into public view. Stand by for more information on how you can assist!

Brea, CA Mini Reunion - June 30, 2001
The Brea Mini Reunion was called mostly because Allan Singelton and Dennis O'Brien wanted to have a beer. So they invited anyone else who wanted to come! R. Wayne Lawrence, the CIC Officer from 1963 to 1965, came and shared some great stories! Ron Phelps, Otto Berg, Duncan Sanders, Wren D. Goodwine, Gordon Grahame and Larry Flicker all stopped in. John Spivey brought cruise books in which many found them selves and their friends. R. Wayne Lawrence donated two key chains to the USS England archives, on a plank owners chain!  Many in the group we reunited from 1968! Seeing Gordon Grahame reunite with Larry Flicker is the type of moment that makes these events worth while and give an indication as to what to expect in July! Click here to see pictures!

Gordon Graham (64-68) and Larry Flickinger (68-70)reunite!

Odds and Ends
A few interesting facts:

  • There are over 850 Shipmates signed up as On Line Crew thus far!
  • There are 1382 pictures on this web site.
  • There are 702 pages on this web site.
  • This web site contains 100.591 Megabytes of data.

In such a short time we have grown so much! What is is about USS England that made her so special?  Write about it and maybe it will end up here!

How Many 55B Radars Did A Leahy Class DLG Have?
LT Dean F. Dunlop, who served on the mighty USS England from Dec 1983 to April of 1988 wrote with a solution as to why the CG model kits came with only one 55B radar each fore and aft.  He worked in Forward Missile radar otherwise know as Forward Control.  He says that the first six Leahy class cruisers where all built with just two 55B, one on each end.  LT Dunlop goes on to say, "This story was told to me from a guy that commissioned the England in the early 60's.  I met this person from a port visit at the Portland Rose festival. Sperry the original makers of the radar had a strike during the building of the Leahy and the Yarnell DLG/CG-16 & 17.  Because the production of the Radar's were halted and only 16 radar's existed the Navy had to decide to either put one radar per end or two radar's on just one end.  Since the Navy wasn't sure how long this strike would be or how long it would take to populate the rest of the Radar's they put one Radar per end.  I don't know if that was the reason for your model only have one per end but it seems to fit with the story that the guy gave me one Oregon afternoon." Further proof of there being a time when some of these ship had only one 55B on each end is given in this picture of the USS Worden CG-18 below.

USS Worden CG-18 showing only two 55B radars
one forward and one aft!

Where Are They Now?
Chuck Cunningham

Plank Owner  Chuck Cunningham raised his family and worked for Walt Disney. He did road shows for the company all over the United States, Canada and Mexico staying in places such as New Orleans and New York for three months at a time!  He was part of the crew formed at 32nd Street Naval Station in San Diego and that was then moved to Long Beach to commission USS England and then take her to Vietnam.  He was a Fireman in the aft Fire Room. Chuck's kids have since grown and he has retired. He and his wife enjoy their leisure time and travel. Chuck would very much like to hear from fellow Plank Owners and friends from the early years of DGL-22. He can be reached e-mailed at cwc5818@aol.com , called at (562)429-5090 or write to him, Chuck Cunningham, 5818 Lanai Street, Long Beach CA 90808.

Captain Sheldon L. Margolis, USN (Ret)
Director, Lifetime Support Operations
Lockheed Martin Naval Electronics & Surveillance Systems-Surface Systems

Sheldon L. Margolis of Baltimore, Maryland, graduated from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute under the NROTC regular program in 1965.

Sea tours included assignment as MPA/DCA and Chief Engineer, USS Mullinnix (DD-944), Operations Officer and then Executive Officer, USS LOWRY (DD-770), Combat Systems Officer, USS JOUETT (CG-29), Executive Officer, USS ENGLAND (CG-22), and Commanding Officer, USS LYNDE MCCORMICK (DDG-8).

Captain Margolis' shore assignments led to his designation as a proven Weapon System Acquisition Manager. He holds an MSEE from the Naval Postgraduate School in Ordnance Engineering, an MBA from Mary Washington College, and graduated with distinction from the Naval War College Off-Campus Seminar Program. He served as Field Project Officer for the Aegis and CG/SM-2 weapon system programs, Officer-in-Charge of the Aegis Combat System Engineering Development Site (CSEDS), and as Executive Assistant to the Deputy Commander for Weapons and Combat Systems, Naval Sea Systems Command.

Captain Margolis assumed command of the Aegis Training Center (ATC) in January, 1987. In the over four years he was in command, the ATC received four Aegis Excellence Awards from Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command, and the Meritorious Unit Commendation. Under his direction, the $500 million construction, system integration, and training activation project was completed early, ensuring that training was in place prior to the new Arleigh Burke class DDG's going to sea.

Captain Margolis served as Assistant Chief of Staff for Warfare Requirements, Readiness and Training (N8) on the Commander, Naval Surface Forces, U.S. Pacific Fleet staff. Captain Margolis took command of the Fleet Combat Training Center, Pacific, his last active duty assignment, in August 1993. Under his leadership, FCTCPAC became the principal training technology development and integration center for CINCPACFLT, providing integrated, multi-system/multi-port training throughout the PACFLT area of responsibility.

Joining LM NE&SS - SS in July, 1995, he was given the assignment of Capture Manager, to lead the Lockheed Martin Corporate Team in competing for the position of Total Ship Systems Integrator on the Ingalls Full Service Contractor Team. Winning this competition in October of 1995, he was assigned as Program Manager, LPD-17 Program, leading all Lockheed Martin Corporate efforts on this program. From February, 1997 to January, 1998, he was the Technical Director for the Arsenal Ship Program, integrating the efforts of many Lockheed Martin businesses, two shipyards, and other Aerospace companies on the team. He is now the Director, Lifetime Support Operations for all Moorestown programs, including Aegis/FFG (Domestic and International), CVN-77, and capture support for DD 21, the Coast Guard Deepwater Program, and various international programs.

Captain Margolis lives in Voorhees, NJ, with Elizabeth and two teenagers, Samantha and Scott.

Dave Shikada

Dave Shikada was a Lieutenant on board USS England in the early 1980's.  He writes, "I just got around to reading the April Newsletter and Carlos Luna's fantail boxing link caught my eye."

"I figured there could not have been too many smokers on the fantail, like the one I was in during Westpac '82. Sure enough, I'm Luna's opposition in the first two photos, in the blue "trunks." It may not look like it, but I actually won the decision. I bet he didn't happen to mention that!!! Well, maybe the judges felt obligated to let the boot LTjg win. Or maybe they feared reprisal by my crew of hardcore and faithful BTs! As I recall I was the only wardroom participant on the card that July day off the coast of Oman."

"I retired last summer and gained employment with Lockheed Martin in Moorestown, NJ."  He goes on to say that this is where Sheldon Margolis works as well! Small world!