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March 2005

Now here this, on 23 JUNE 05 through 26 JUNE 2005 all hands are to muster at the Town and Country Inn, Charleston, South Carolina for the third USS ENGLAND DLG/CG-22 Reunion!!!

Our reunion coordinators are again Military Locator and Reunion Service, Inc. They have helped us put on great reunions in the past and this one promises to be even better with visits to Patriots Point, CSS Hunley and more plus banquet and fun! What they cannot help us with is ensuring that the best part of the reunion is a part of it, all of you. People come to the reunions to see their shipmates! You must be there! Your shipmates are counting on you.

CSS Hunely
CSS Hunley

You also must register!!! You can download your registration packet here. please be sure and read all the instructions as some of the procedures have changed since 2003. 

The registration packet will allow you to book your hotel room, meals, tours and events. You'll need to book your own travel.

You are each hereby ordered to complete your registration and send it in! You are also ordered to call every shipmate you know, get a registration into their hands and encourage them to sign up.  We need all hands on board to make this the best reunion ever!

You can download your registration here:

To view, download a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.


We need some volunteers for a work party. For the reunion we need the following:

  • Speakers for the banquet Saturday Evening.
  • A Chaplain  for the banquet Saturday Evening.
  • A shipmate to read the dedication to POWs and those lost  for the banquet Saturday Evening.
  • Flags
  • Memorabilia and displays

Please step up now and help!!!! E-Mail me at dennis@obriens.net!!!


February 1,2005



The attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 by the Empire of Japan forever changed the United States of America. The surprise attack and enormous loss of life galvanized and united our country to "Remember Pearl Harbor" as a rallying cry.


Among the many ships in Pearl Harbor that day were nine battleships (Arizona, California. Maryland, Oklahoma, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia) where many sailors and marines fought bravely for their very lives. From the horrific damage done that day only three battleships did not return to action, the USS Arizona where I, 177 men to this day lie entombed and for which a memorial does exist, the USS Utah where 59 men lie entombed and for which a memorial does exists and the USS Oklahoma where 429 men lost their lives (second highest) and for which a memorial does not exist. The eight other battleships in the harbor that day all have memorials. Only the USS Oklahoma has no permanent memorial.

The building and dedication of a lasting and fitting USS Oklahoma Memorial on Ford Island (near mooring berths Fox 5/'6) at Pearl Harbor is the sole reason For our efforts. We are targeting December 7, 2005 for the dedication of this memorial to honor those brave souls who in the words of Abraham Lincoln "gave their last full measure of devotion".


Our budget is $500,000. Your contribution is fully tax deductible as the USS Oklahoma Memorial Foundation is an approved 501c (3) not-for-profit entity whose sole purpose is to build and maintain the proposed USS Oklahoma Memorial.

Make checks payable to "USS Oklahoma Memorial" and mail C/o Tucker Mchugh, 1409 Bella Vista, Edmond, OK 73013.

Your contribution NOW is critical to meeting a projected December 7, 2005 dedication deadline.


Tucker McHugh
Chairman, USS Oklahoma Memorial Committee


Paul Goodyear
Member, Executive Committee and Pearl Harbor Survivor

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