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March 2006


Operation King Update!

We have been working for some time to return the ENGLAND name to the seas defending our great nation. A change has recently occurred that may bring us closer to success but it'll take effort on the part of all of us to make it happen!

Gordon England (former Secretary of the Navy) has moved on to become Deputy Secretary of Defense and was replaced as Secretary of the Navy by Donald C. Winter on January 3, 2006.  This opens a door of opportunity for us since there is definitely not an "England" in the United States Navy today. 

All of us must renew our effort to return the England name to the seas, for our own history, that of Ens. John Charles England and for the gallant men who served on board USS ENGLAND DE-635 in World War II.  We need to bring forward the need to fulfill CNO Admiral E. J. King promise.  The effort needs you! It is our duty to make this happen and pass ENGLAND to the next generation!

  • Please, write a letter to the secretary of the Navy right now! It does not matter if you've done it before, we simply must make this effort visible to Donald C. Winter, 
    Secretary of the Navy. Encourage others to do the same! See the Operation King Page for details! Send your letters today!

  • If you are a member of the Navy League, American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars ask your local council or post to support this effort with a letter. Not a member? Join now!

Please do your part today! Do not wait, today is the day to act!

Reunion 2007

Independence Hall

As you know, at out last reunion in the summer of 2005 the attendees voted on the location and timing for our next reunion. The result is that our next reunion is scheduled for early June 2007 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This will be our fourth reunion and our second trip to the east coast. Philadelphia is a great location for a reunion, with much history and wonderful entertainment. 

As you know fuel and lodging costs have been going up across the country. We can expect this reunion to cost a bit more but we'll try to work with the coordinator to keep the costs down. Please start planning for this event  today! Make a plan to set aside the time and funds now to be there with us all at the reunion!

More details will be coming over the next year. We expect this to be one of the best reunions ever and we all very much need you there!!!!

Start planning on attending this event now!!!

Fire on USS Slater DE-766

USS Slater
is of the only World War II era Destroyer Escorts (DE) on display as a museum. It is located in Albany New York as the Destroyer Escort Historical Museum. Volunteers there are working hard to restore the ship to its World War II configuration.  You might also recognize her from her role in the movie "The Guns of Navarone."

While doing repairs to one of the forward heads, a welder set a canvas on fire and the fire spread.  You can read the details and see pictures by  clicking here Although all of the damage is reparable, it would be a good time for us to show our support of USS Slater with donations or if you live in the areas, drive over and pitch in!

Information on donations can be found here: http://www.ussslater.org/join-donate.html 

Mini-Reunion 2007?

looking to see if there is interesting a mini reunion in California in 2007.  We could meet in San Diego, Long Angeles, San Francisco . . any place! We can make is as official or unofficial, formal or informal as you like. However, your input is what is needed! Were and when could we have it that would guarantee your participation? Would you like to help? Write to dennis@obriens .net and let your voice be heard so we can plan this!

Have Something to Say?

Write it down and send it to me! We can publish it here and your shipmates and friends will thank you! Sea stories, history and more are all good for publication here! Please, help with the effort and write an article for the USS England DLG/CG-22 Newsletter.