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May 2005

Antisubmarine Warrior In The Pacific: Six Subs Sunk In Twelve Days
Antisubmarine Warrior In The Pacific: Six Subs Sunk In Twelve Days by John A. Williamson is the story of his life as it pertains to gaining knowledge about antisubmarine tactics and the Navy and how that applied to USS England's (DE-635) success in May of 1944. He also includes many personal stories that round out the book which is written very similar to how John Williamson told his stories in person. He was a wonderful man, articulate and caring and his men adored him. The centerpiece of the book is the sinking of the six submarines in May of 1944 in the Pacific Theater of World War II. He describes the roles of all involved from his own perspective. The book also details the kamikaze attack during the Okinawa campaign that removed USS England from the war. He tells of his early days in the Navy, his dates and social life, his training, The Williamson Turn and many days at sea providing the reader with the whole picture of the time and events. This book is one of the most important writings about USS England (DE-635) and is a must reed for all who love history. It has been nominated by Sea Classic magazine as book of the year and is available though Amazon.Com (back ordered already!) or via The University of Alabama Press or call (773) 568-1550.

You simply must have this book in your collection! You must have this book in the collections of all of your family and friends to ensure the history of USS England DE-635 is kept alive for generations to come!

Reunion 2005
From June 23rd to June 26th we'll be assembling for our reunion in Charleston, South Carolina. It is going to be a wonderful time in a great location! On Friday June 24th, you'll have the opportunity to go on a tour of Historic Charleston and the Civil War confederate submarine H. L. Hunley. On Saturday you'll have the chance to go to Patriot's Point and tour the USS Yorktown and have lunch on board in her CPO Mess. Thursday there will be a reception with hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar. Friday evening you'll have Charleston "Low Country" Buffet and on Saturday we'll have our banquet (coat and tie recommended). That is not all, we have breakfasts, the hospitality room and a whole lot more!

All Reservations and the initial deposit must be made through ML & RS, Inc, and received on or before May 23, 2005. Reservations received May 24th or later will be accommodated on a space available basis - with the probability of not receiving reunion rates. "Walk-Ins" will be accommodated-space available-at regular hotel rates. Be sure and download your reservation packet and get it in ASAP!

If you have any problem downloading the packet, questions about your reservation or need any help at all, then please call ML & RS, Inc. at 828-256-6008 for assistance. If you need more help with anything USS England related, call me at 714-961-6840.

Saturday we'll have our business meeting where we will discuss the date and time for the next reunion so we can get started planning that. To have a voice in this decision you must attend this meeting. It starts at 3:30 PM on Saturday. The location will be passed on to you upon check in at the hotel. Please come with your ideas for the next reunion and also for ways we can get more people involved in our group's functioning, such as writing newsletters and planning regional events. As far as the next reunion's location goes we will put up a survey next month to get general feedback as we did last year but it will just be to give us a starting point for discussion. To be in on the actual decision you have to be there. Show up!

As we've not had any volunteers for this, letters will go out this week to ask former commanding officers and others to be speakers for the reunion. Please help support the reunion effort by agreeing to attend and speak. Call me at 714-961-6840! We very much need a chaplain! If you are one, then please write me today. We need flags, those of you that are VFW or American Legion members, can you assist? Most of all we need all of you to attend this great event so please get your registration packets in today!

What can you do right now to help? Call every one of the shipmates with whom you are in touch. Make sure they have a Reservation Packet and know what to do with it. Get everyone to Charleston!!!

Key USS England Dates In May!
As you know May is the big month in USS England History. We need to remember the feats of those who served on the first USS England DE-635!

  • 19 May 44 - USS England DE-635 Sinks Japanese Submarine I-16

  • 22 May 44 - USS England DE-635 Sinks Japanese Submarine RO-106

  • 23 May 44 - USS England DE-635 Sinks Japanese Submarine RO-104

  • 24 May 44 - USS England DE-635 Sinks Japanese Submarine RO-116

  • 26 May 44 - USS England DE-635 Sinks Japanese Submarine RO-108

  • 31 May 44 - USS England DE-635 Sinks Japanese Submarine RO-116

If you've not been to the USS England DE-635 site and would like to learn more about her history, check out the Library  and get the book mentioned above, Antisubmarine Warrior In The Pacific: Six Subs Sunk In Twelve Days by John A. Williamson.

Data System Technicians
According to the Navy, "DSs were electronics technicians who specialized in computer systems including: digital computers, video processors, tape units, buffers, key sets, digital-display equipment, data-link terminal sets and related equipment. They cleaned, maintained, lubricated, calibrated and adjusted equipment. DSs ran operational tests, diagnosed problems, made routine repairs and evaluated newly installed parts and systems units." The rate was retired some years ago but the rate opened the door for a lot of young men and women to have great careers in computer technology and computer science, your web master being one of them! 

Were you a DS? Look for your friends from A or C school, a place to remember Mare Island or talk about AN-UYA4? Go here:


One of the hardest parts of keeping the communication going is generating articles and information for the newsletters. From time to time shipmates have offered up short bios and such but in general this has been a one man show. That one man is running out of things to say!

You can help!!! Give me suggestions!! Better yet write about yourself, our ship or the Navy. Send it to dennis@obriens.net (plain text and MS Word).  So long as it is a positive, proper addition to the site and the USS England effort, it will appear here. Many of you have a lot to say so here is your chance to contribute. Opinion pieces, biographies, sea stories, ideas and more are wanted. Please assist, your shipmates would like to hear from you.

Sign Up For More Information!
To receive reunion information, you must have signed up as On Line Crew. This will ensure that the Military Locator & Reunion Service and the people here have your address and other data so you can receive all the information about the reunion and other events.