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November 1999

New USS England List Serv
Along with this web site and all it has to offer, there is now a List Serv that can be used 24 hours a day to communicate with other members of the crew that have subscribed. Using e-mail to communicate, messages to the List Serv are delivered to all who are subscribed to it. These can be fun and useful since they allow for open communication between all subscribers. Go ahead and sign up today!


Don't forget the on line forum. this is a public place to discuss USS England, crew, share sea stores, post messages for others and contribute to the web site directly. 

The USS England Forum was retired on 02/03/07.


Q and A!
Question: How often will there be a newsletter?
Answer: About once each quarter for now.  As we approach the reunion,  have more of the crew rounded up and have more volunteers perhaps we'll have them more often. There will be a Christmas message in December!
Question: How can I contribute articles for the newsletter?
Answer: Write them! E-Mail them to dennis@obriens.net!!! I really need the help! they can be England related, veterans issues, sea stories and life stories.
Question: How can I find my shipmates?
Answer: Use the On Line Forum to post message on the web site. Use the various search tools on the Internet to search for the names you know. I hope to write an article about search for folks in the future - unless one of you wants to take a crack at it!
Question: Is there a USS England Association like other ships have?
Answer: At this time no. In the future this would be an excellent project to undertake but it requires organization and elected officials. we need to find more of the crew to ensure a successful association. Hopefully the new List Serv and Forum will allow us all to communicate and organize together.

The USS England Forum was retired on 02/03/07.
Volunteers Needed
We need volunteers to step up and help organize the reunion. People in the Southern California area would be very helpful. The following areas need attention.

If you can be of assistance please contact dennis@obriens.net so we can organize our efforts.

Operation Boarding Party Delayed!
Originally scheduled for January, operation Boarding Party has been delayed. Some expressed concern that in January the weather might preclude a visit to the ship and/or that this was too close to the holidays for them to get away.

Tentatively this is being rescheduled for Spring/summer 2000.

How To Add You Items TO The Web Site
If you have items for the web site they can be easily added. This will make the web site grow and be more interesting and educational for those who come to visit.

 If you can san flat items or pictures, do so at 75 DPI, RGB Color and save them in TIFF format. Go to http://www.winzip.com and download their software that will allow you to compress you file(s) into one small archive file. E-Mail this file to files@obriens.net.

if you cannot scan your items and need some assistance, e-mail Dennis O'Brien at dennis@obriens.net or call (714)961-6840. 


Happy Thanksgiving!
As we open the holiday season for 1999 I hope all of you and you families are well. Certainly we've much for which to be thankful here at the end of the century and much in the future as a crew and the country on the whole. These are exciting times! Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday!

Key Events for DLG/CG-22
Crew members have expressed an interest in a number of projects for the future. We need to work on solidifying plans for the a reunion and ship visit .

Operation Reunion - The proposed date is July 27, 28 and 29, 2001 in San Diego, DLG/CG-22's home port.  This is not set in stone, but unless there is overwhelming objection, this should be our target date. We need to organize the event, hotel, speakers, facilities and events. Everyone will need to get involved so please volunteer, especially if you live in the Southern California area..

Web site Update
Additions to the web site have focused on the DE-635 site with more to come. contact has been  established with the DE-635 crew. We are also in contact with Alhamba high School and Pasadena City College where John Charles England attended school.  Look for much more to be added soon!

We have located about 200 members of the crew to date by way of this web site!